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Tile Flooring in Houston

7 Tips To Choose The Best Tile Floors for your Home

1. Look at the purpose of the room

There are a few basic guidelines homeowners need to keep in mind when selecting tile colours. Firstly, it’s important to consider the purpose of the room to be tiled. Every room is unique and has a different purpose, and colours that work in one room might not work in another. 

2. Consider the effects

Another useful point is that small, dark coloured tiles tend to make a space feel small while large, light coloured tiles open up spaces and make them feel bigger. Light, natural hues also act as a neutral backdrop for furniture and décor, and appeal to a larger segment of the market which is an important consideration when thinking about selling. Current trend colours include warm grey, cream and off-white.“Brushed cement, sandstone, porcelain and white marble are also currently much in vogue, and if your budget doesn’t allow for natural marble and stone, opt for inkjet tiles that imitate these natural products but at a fraction of the cost and considerably lower maintenance requirements.”

3. Go for grey

The colour grey has been a constant feature over the past five years and concrete-looking inkjet tiles provide a durable alternative to concrete flooring. They form a neutral base colour to which bold coloured soft furnishings can be added. These tiles can also offer depth in a modern industrial looking setting.

4. Create an airy bathroom

In terms of bathrooms, specifically small bathrooms, light coloured bathroom tiles are ideal as they reflect the light more than darker colours, creating an airy, spacious feel.Using the same colour wall tiles as the floor tiles can enhance the feeling of spaciousness.To further bolster this effect, she says homeowners should use similar coloured grout or buy custom cut tiles that allow them to be laid closer together, which creates a seamless look.

5. Consier warm or cool kitchen tile choices

The kitchen is another room in which tile colour selection is important, particularly because this is the heart of the home.When deliberating over what tile colour to use in the kitchen, consider the colour of your kitchen units and surroundings. Depending on the look you are after, colours such as cream, beige and brown as floor colour options can contribute to creating an impression of warmth, whereas colours such as blue and green against the walls, achieved through glass mosaics or wall tiles, will make the room feel cool. A red, auburn or orange palette against the walls will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

6. Go natural for patios

Patios are another commonly tiled area in the home. As these areas are typically used for entertaining and frequently lead to other rooms in the house such as the lounge, it’s important that the colour scheme complements the accompanying areas. It should also match the overall style of the property and create a flowing feeling. Again, Tharien says in this setting, neutral colours work best as they can be blended with a number of décor styles and colour combinations. They also don’t show up dirt too much.She says homeowners may also want to consider carrying the same tiles through from the interior of the home through to the exterior areas. This visually binds the interior and exterior, and makes them appear larger than they actually are.

7. Try the wood-look approach

Wood-look tiles are a perfect colour and design option for the kitchen and patio as they imitate the natural beauty of wood and mimic decking when placed on the patio.Choose tiles with a textured finish for areas that may become wet such as the patio.For those seeking trendy, durable and cost-effective options, why not select inkjet printed tiles? They’re neutral, natural looking, easy to maintain and come in a range of wood, concrete and stone designs.

Source: Property24

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15 Tile Flooring in Houston

Tile Flooring in Houston

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